To Give THANKS, A Day Early11.26.11

There are a ton of great stories, and people that we meet everyday. But some days are extra special. Brad Mepham, the Coordinator of Seer Group in Utah, had one of those days today.

To Give Thanks a Day Early-

Thanksgiving. The word itself is define as “a expression of gratitude, especially to GOD.” The memories of many Thanksgivings come to mind, from food to football; the years of anticipation for the official count down to Christmas. Thanksgiving is the day you are ALLOWED to play Christmas music…. not a day before! It is the time of year that our hearts and minds wander to memories of warmth, fireplaces, snow covered mornings, and to give, and GET, the wishes we have made all year long! For me, Thanksgiving has come a little early.

No, I did not turn on the Christmas music early… I promise! With many tasks and things to complete, God slowed me down today to remember what Thanksgiving is for, to “show a expression of gratitude”. Seer Group was given the opportunity to install a wheelchair ramp for a very special little angel named Haley.

Haley is a beautiful, petite, joyful 5 year old, and she changed my Thanksgiving. When I meet Haley for the first time, her smile and joy of life masked the wheelchair she was bound to due to the symptoms of cerebral palsy that you would think would define such a young life. Seer Group and Seer has built many many wheelchair ramps in the last two years, and while every opportunity to give to others is special, this was a gift. To see such a beautiful little girl live a life filled with such love, grace and thanks is a reminder of the season we are entering into. So, as you and your families sit together during the holidays, I would like to invite you to create a new Thanksgiving tradition. Let’s smile a little more today and truly “love each other as God loved us”. Let’s all make this Thanksgiving like Haley lives everyday of her life. She smiles BIG!… for the whole world to see and changes the world around her! Thanksgiving will still always be the start of the season for many people, but for me it will always start a day early!